Hidden Fact of Farmers Life with Reference to Technology

Climate being an inevitable liable factor to testimonies the existence of life on placid elysian earth from past million years. The graceful history of attaining tranquil parapet of success by the humans has always been done by the patronization of nature. On plunking a glance on how the origin of life and living beings took place on our enormous planet and attaining unceasing valor by the humans we come to know that commensally humans were totally liberal from all the imperturbable materialistic things from which we are smeared up in the 21st century. Initially, folks were totally dependent on climate and vivid reformations in it. On listening the vivid wit astounding conversations of our ancestors and bewildering contents from mythologies we come know that folks used to worship God by discriminant ways to make them blissful and get the desired alteration in climate, these minutia waives us that when we were faded off of technology and amorphous zone of internet we were totally dependent on agriculture and nature. Folks used to worship tress and reminisce the importance of forest and greenery, they were not misanthropes and also on plunging the tranquility of farming we found that any year if amicrocosm of atmosphere got disrupted and rain did not occur then humanity got trapped in the juncture of hunger and lassitude tickle. Folks were aware of the inscrutable fact that their sustainable nourishment is liable on climate.  There was no use of catastrophic equipment which produced contentious gases like methane, CFCs, carbon dioxide and causes ominous to climate. Humanity was liberal of lewd broodings, folks were having assisting tickle, there was no corruption, pollution, automation, and all indecent traits which are present in the recent scenario of space exploration. But as the time passed and by the revoke of generation lot of obstacles, salutations came in the climate, there became dearth of noble natures, unhealthy and bad practices got enhanced and this led to foggy and unhealthy future of earth’s atmosphere.

In the present era of science and technology folks are fleeing towards name and fame because in this unbeatable scenario of stacked competition if they are lagged behind they will be lagged behind forever so in order to cope with this era folk are not brooding over and unsanitary condition of the climate and humanity they are leaving behind. The condition of climate is deteriorating day by day, natural calamities are enhancing a lot. Wit astonishing news of earth quakes, glacier melting, ozone layer depletion, cyclones, tides, volcano eruptions is widely smearing humanity. Humans no doubt has achieved parapet of kudos but in this flee towards achievements he is not picking and taking care of the lewd condition of climate. We are thinking that we are in the race of sustainable development but it has to reminisce that indirectly we are in the abject condition of unsustainable nourishment.

Day by day was are witnessing here innovative forms of maleaggression in asocial context marked by arecent explosion of consumerism and hedonism itself linked to India’sfast-track high GDP capitalism, rapid urbanization, growing acceptance of swagger, raucousness and testosterone driven has smeared our society. Due to these whimsy traits, our spirit is smeared up of the pall of sadness.  Our evil nature and unhealthy ways are making our living quite unpleasant due which day by day our life is becoming melancholy and monotonous.

“The Antediluvian Nature of Human is to Gain Appellation and Fame.”

71% of the earth is made up of oceans and 29% land and 1.3 billion folks of the world are dependent on agriculture. Also for 70% of Indians farming is patronizing as tutelary for assisting them to be liberal of trepidation of hungry. Initially, it could be thought whole 21% of the land was available for agriculture but due to sundry reasons it could be substantiated that the condition of farming of recent scenario is so lewd. 80% of the Indians which are residing in the rural areas are facing sporadic nature of climate. They are so solicitous about the steps were taken by us for patronization of theirs’s to be faded off of this obstacle of sudden alterations in the climate. We are witnessing that there are no rains in the rainy seasons and sudden rain taking place in the summers, crops are facing insanitary sobriety of harness. Acid rain is encroaching due to which the cultivation of the crops is deteriorating rapidly and most of the farmers are committing suicide because they cannot earn enough money to make their family have meals of at least twice. Cases of droughts are enhancing, recently we noticed that in 2016 in many of the states of India drought was declared. Farmers are not educated and are not aware of the steps to be followed to make them ejected of all lewd obstacles which occur in agriculture while inappropriate conditions. They are not advised of the sage salubrious awakening views of sustainable nourishment. They should be told that the climate change refers to variably in nature due to the emission of greenhouse gases produced by indecent activities of human-like cutting of forest, burning of fossil fuel and industrial production. Due to these whimsy traits of folks, unpleasant variability in climate is taking place like rising of sea water because of sudden rain, worsening drought, crop failure, alteration in cloud cover and precipitation, melting of polar ice caps and glaciers.

Climate change is having a significant impact on vulnerable farmers in most of the developing countries. Day by day cases of drought and dry spell are enhancing and rain is becoming more inconsistent and torrential down vapors are becoming heavier due to all these phenomena the risk of soil erosion and vegetarian damage through runoff is smearing life of farmers. The Raconteurs have waived that the actual sustainable development of a country is in the hands of farmers but in India, the condition of the farmers is so vulgar that serious and sudden actions are needed to be taken by the Indian government for revoke of the lewd condition of farmers.

Climate change policies are to be related to sustainable development strategies in both developing countries like India and industrialized countries. These policies must concern with locals and regional circumstances of farmers. Meetings and discussions have to be done between vivid renowned agriculturist and esteemed scientist on how to prevent sudden changes in climate to ensure sustainable development.

Government should induct organizing sudden activities like farmers awakening campaigns in each and every villages and make farmers aware of the various techniques to be used to lessen the harmful impact of adverse climate to the crop and as we are in the amorphous zone of internet so our government should provide public awakening applications and website to promote awareness towards steps to be followed by folks to resist reformations in climate. Each and every school, colleges and every student should be taught how to prevent our climate from deteriorating so that we can reduce livelihood challenges of farmers. We must reduce the use of methane, CFCs and carbon dioxide producing substances so that we can control chances of occurrence of global warming, ozone layer depletion, soil erosion, sudden rains and glacier melting and control unexpected changes in climate so that obstacles could be rarefied and led to defunct.

We should initiate awakening folks about how climate changes can be ceased, what deeds they should do, what should not do so that climate changes can be controlled and we can control livelihood challenges of farmers and led India on the real parapet of sustainable development for our future upcoming generation.

Writer : Himanshu Gupta

Email: hg1454698@gmail.com

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