Technical Today Magazine is to provide a common platform for a diverse set of voices in order to share their expertise and research in the field of Science and Technology with Young professionals. It will promote technical knowledge of the students and simultaneously encourage students to contribute articles/opinions/case studies/research & review papers in the diverse areas of Science & Technology.

As per the vision & mission of the magazine, we are going to establish a Technical Today Club that wolud be reponsible for all the activities like Magazine Subscription, Article/Writing Assistance, Organizing Monthly activities/Workshops/Trainings at the National level for students in Promotion of Technical Today Club.

  • Mr. Lone Faisal, Convenor (
  • Dr. Gulzar Ahmad, Co-Convenor (

Technical Today Club Members

  • Faizan Zargar 
  • Rohit 
  • Ihaan Ahmad Siddiqui 
  • Pryamvada Manikpuri 
  • Rishi Kumar
  • Mohammad Nooruddin
  • Roshan Kumar Dwivedi
  • Bilal Ahmad Dar
  • Najish Alam
  • Iram Mansoor
  • Md Shahreza
  • Finchiwa Mitakcha Jatau
  • Emmanuel Haye Binjo
  • Lubna Gazal
  • Ayush Choubisa