Cloud, A Store of the Future Computing

A cloud allows users to access application, information, and data online. A company offering reliable cloud technology allows users for computing in more shared way. Users get and share their information with the whole world or any groups of people within their cloud with some access permissions.

With cloud computing technology there are many opportunities and capabilities. Cloud computing will open a whole new world of jobs, services, platforms, applications, and much more. There are thousands of possibilities beginning to form as the future of cloud computing. Like vendors and service providers can get on board to develop new and different ways of selling their goods and services to the cloud users through the cloud technology. It opens up a whole new platform for designers and web developers. Businesses and organizations can organize themselves and conduct business in much affordable and professional way. Social networking and keeping in touch with friends are getting easier as well.

By 2020, the popularity of the “cloud” will have grown significantly. Here are the main predictions on future of cloud computing:

  1. The software will be separated from the hardware

Eventoday, cloud applications are often used to automate business using CRM, ERP, PSA and HR systems stored on remote servers. All these tendencies are growing every year. So, in the future the software used will be far better and information from it will pass through several filters before reaching to user’s computer.

  1. Modular software will be a priority

The complexity and size of individual programs are growing by leaps and bounds. As a result, cloud technologies will require new system thinking, and software development. In the near future applications can be stored not just in the cloud: they will consist of many modules located on servers of different cloud services.

  1. Low-power processors will decline in prices for services of cloud providers

Today low-power chips are available on the market. They allow use of processors with low power consumption for data processing.

  1. Data security will be most important priority

Undoubtedly, the physical security of data centers is also important, Due to constantly increasing security requirements, physical access to the data center will also be severely limited.

And in future you will need not only an electronic key, but also a procedure for biometric scanning. At the end, in o r d e r t o be competitive, owners of companies should stay up to date on the latest developments in the world of cloud technologies.

Writers: Ms. Jyoti Totla & Mr. Arun Vaishnav

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