Upgradation in technology leads to miniaturization of functional components coupled with efficiency, efficacy and accuracy. Pioneering in characterization techniques like AFM, SEM, TEM, X-ray Crystallography, etc. transforms the domain of conventional physical science into an applied physical science, what we called as Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is as an art of miniaturization that can be exploited commercially. Wide spectrum of Nanotechnology ranges from Nanoelectronics, Nanorobotics, Nanomedicine, Nanopathology, Nanobiotechnology, Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Molecular Nanotechnology, Structural Nanotechnology, etc. Research has been carried out to explore the applications of nanotechnology, ranges from designing of flexible electronic nano-circuits, nano-magnetic switches, nanowires based flat panel displays, semiconductor nanowires integrated transistors, memory nano-chips for computers, nanosensors, nano-composite materials, nano-fuel cells, nano-emulsions for oil and paints, nano-coatings, nano-lubricants. Continuous efforts have been made to revolutionize the Agriculture and Heath sector as well. In research trials, nanoparticles are successful implemented in drug delivery, disease diagnosis, development of wound healing and sunscreen lotions, formulation of nano-fertilizers, atomically modified seeds, sustained release fertilizers, etc. Wide spectrum of Nanotechnology creates a ray of hope at almost all the sectors of human interventions and time has come to look upon these incentives that could offered even on much larger canvas if exploit under serious scientific consideration and research implementation simultaneously with existing technologies.

Writer: Kritika Sharma

Department of Biotechnology

Mewar University, Rajasthan



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